Samuel Guilfoyle
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This memorial website was created in the memory of our little Angel, Samuel James Guilfoyle who was born in United Kingdom on July 04, 1999 and passed away on January 17, 2001 at the age of 18 months We will remember him forever in our hearts xxxxx  

To our little curly headed boy we miss you laughter love and joy, we miss you so much that words can not say, but one day in heaven we will surely play xxx
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My love   / Mummy Guilfoyle (Mother)
Tomorrow would of been your 19th Birthday and oh my god what a gorgeous handsome young man you would of been, I miss you every day my son, but I'm finally glad that my pain seems to of lessened over the years and I remember the love you brought with ...  Continue >>
My son x   / Clare Guilfoyle (Mother)
My love Samuel Happiness laughter warm summer days, Giggling, playing, chaos and mayhem Beautiful and true always something to do, My love Samuel Smiles of admiration effection never ending, Holding, cuddleing, smiling that sparkles, A light to shine...  Continue >>
My cheeky boy x   / Clare Guilfoyle (Mother)
I miss your cuddles, your kisses, your endless effection, I even miss the sleepless nights lol I miss the smell of your curly hair and the touch of your soft silky skin, I miss you every day Samuel and although the years have past, I can not bel...  Continue >>
The joy and saddness of losing Samuel James   / Margaret Whittle (Grandmother)
Samuel will be forever in our hearts! He brought so much joy and laughter. He was a wild and adventures little boy always on the go day and night.He changed our lifes for the better and it was very appropriate he was born on American independance day...  Continue >>
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The life of Samuel James Guilfoyle  
Samuel you brought us so much joy and laughter, chaos and mayhem, the washing baskets empty now, you have so many bibs which before we could never find. We hear the clock ticking away, which before we never did. You slept, on occasions all night, but you dictated the terms. Your called our names and scrambled up the stairs to greet us with fun and laughter, you touched our lives so dearly in your too short a life. 

Our hearts are empty with out your presence, but we do know your presence is all around, we ache for a kiss and a hug, a walk in the snow, sunshine and rain, to see your face amazed at each new day, you blossomed before us, your life was full from morning till dusk. 

The house is empty with out your laughter, your naughty little ways, the hoober was your toy, the pans in the cupboard scattered about, the television switched on and off at your will, the plug sockets touched and pulled, the telephone tipped over constantly and your response  ohhhh, your favourite television programme the teletubbies soon settled you down, your eyes shone with such joy and innosence. 

Time for tele bye byes and off you ran investigating new games to play joy at seeing your new pop up book. The words you began to say, rest today Samuel for we know you now play else where, where love is abound and jesus is now your new freind, you will be forever in our hearts, and one day soon we will join in your new found games and be as one as god intended. Our love will never die, god bless your sweet and loving nature. Forever in our hearts, your loving mother grandma, grandad and the family xxx
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